Originally from Iraq, Mazin brought with him the love for pastry making and 25 years of experience in the food industry when he moved with his family to Australia in 2016. 

Grew up in Nineveh – a city that is famous for its sweet delicacy, Mazin was very creative since childhood. When he was 15, his father’s friend who was a well-known pastry owner of the region asked if he could mentor Mazin. Mazin then started working for him at 17 years of age. It was there that he discovered his love for pastry making. 

Not only did he do extremely well, he was constantly testing and creating new recipes. It is not surprising that he opened his own shop not long after as the customers grew to love his creation and enjoyed it more than the original recipes. 

After spending another 4 years in Jordan perfecting his craft, Mazin moved to Australia and opened Al Faqma in 2017 with the dream to bring the true flavours of Nineveh to the Australian eateries.